*Lipo Lux guarantees clients using the fat loss technology will lose 3-9 inches in three measured locations within the first 45 days. To get the guarantee, clients must follow the simple outlined protocol which is discussed at the time of enrollment. Basically, show up for your sessions and be coachable to make some simple changes in your nutrition so the fat loss can not only be a success but be permanent! This guarantee is valid for any client purchasing a minimum of 12 sessions. It is our goal to help every client have success. We will do everything possible to help with your success, but if anyone willfully neglects the guidelines, we reserve the right to rescind the guarantee.


*Each individual’s journey to getting their body back is different. Results vary. Remember that we offer an introductory mini-session to learn more about Lipo Lux’s technology assisted fat loss program.


We respect our clients’ right to privacy. For this reason, we never resell or distribute any identifying information, we don’t retain your payment details, and all of your communication with Lipo Lux is safe and secure.